Warning lights for classic cars at SC Parts

We at SC Parts naturally also offer hazard warning lights for classic cars in our extensive range. Here you will find a selection of different systems for 6 and 12 volt on-board voltage, all of which are suitable for retrofitting. We offer universal items with or without a separating relay. Take your time to click through our range and find the right oldtimer hazard warning lights!

Hazard warning lights and classic cars: legal provisions

A hazard warning system is also an essential warning symbol for vintage cars to warn other road users of suddenly occurring dangers. It is therefore only logical that older vehicles also have to be equipped with it according to the StVZO in order to ensure general road safety.

For this reason, even very old vehicles, such as pre-war cars, some of which do not even have electric lighting, are retrofitted. This applies without exception and is therefore unique among the oldtimer regulations. Basically you have two options:

  • You can have a professional workshop
  • You can retrofit a hazard warning light system yourself with the necessary know-how.

If you prefer the second option, you will find easy-to-understand installation instructions for a universal hazard warning light system below. At SC Parts, however, you get much more than that!

12 volt hazard lights

At SC Parts we offer 12-volt hazard warning lights for retrofitting. These are suitable for both negatively and positively grounded vehicles that have a 12-volt electrical system and a lamp voltage of 90 W.

The systems are fully electronic and therefore knowledge of automotive electrical engineering is required for installation! So either consult a specialist or hire a workshop to install hazard warning lights in a classic car.

All of our hazard warning lights for classic cars have a beautiful old-school look and are available in the following versions:

With the oldtimer lighting, an isolating relay enables the brake and indicator lights to be used in one chamber of the rear light can. In Germany, this so-called intermittent brake indicator light is permitted for vehicles with first registration up to December 31, 1969.

6-volt hazard warning lights

If your classic car has a 6-volt electrical system and a lamp load of 130 W, then you need a 6-volt hazard warning system for retrofitting. At SC Parts you will find one version each for negatively grounded vehicles including a suitable connection cable.

But you will also find universal hazard warning flasher systems for positively and negatively grounded vehicles, which can be used in all Vehicles with a 6-volt electrical system can be installed. The system is suitable for:

  • separate brake and indicator lights
  • common brake and direction indicators
  • Incandescent lamps
  • LED lamps
  • Dual circuit indicator systems or trailer operation

Warning lights for vintage cars: connection cables and indicator lights

At SC Parts you will of course also find the right accessories, the indicator lights and connection parts that you need for your vintage hazard warning lights.

Connection cable

The important thing here is whether your vehicle is positively or negatively grounded. You need a correspondingly suitable hazard warning light system and, secondly, a suitable connection cable. At SC Parts you will receive a connection cable for each grounding. We only offer items for our universal 6-volt hazard warning lights.

Indicator light

At SC Parts you will find two different versions of the switches for operating the hazard warning lights:

  • Toggle switch
  • Pull switch

Installation instructions for the universal hazard warning lights

We at SC Parts exclusively offer you free installation instructions as a PDF file to download and print out. These installation instructions comprise 20 pages and are available in German and French. It should serve as a handout for a specialist - it is not suitable for laypersons.

The instructions are intended for our universal hazard warning lights, which can be installed in all vehicles that have 12-volt electrical systems and four 21-watt turn signals. The polarity of the vehicle is irrelevant, as is the type of brake indicator light (intermittent or not).

Warning lights for vintage cars near SC Parts

At SC Parts we get what moves, and that includes everything to do with hazard warning lights and classic cars. Since hazard warning lights are essential for road safety, they must be present in every vehicle and, if necessary, retrofitted. However, here at SC Parts you will find enough choice to make your classic car not only safe but also StVZO-compliant. You can find more about vintage lighting in our catalogue.

FAQ: Questions and Answers

We answer your questions about hazard warning lights

Do I have to retrofit hazard warning lights in a classic car?

Yes, the retrofitting of hazard warning lights applies to every car, including historic vehicles of all kinds. There are no exceptions.

Can I retrofit hazard warning lights myself?

If you have the necessary know-how, then yes - however, you must be familiar with the field of automotive electrical engineering. Otherwise we advise you to visit a workshop.

Is a universal hazard warning light system suitable for every vehicle model?

Universal hazard warning lights are suitable for every vehicle model. The voltage of the system only has to match the on-board voltage of the vehicle!