Engine Oil

Without exaggeration, engine oil is the elixir that keeps your engine moving. Engine oil reduces friction. Engine oil prevents corrosion. Engine oil cools, and engine oil transports combustion residues. So oil has a lot to do. To ensure that the oil can do a lot, its properties should be matched to the engine in which it flows.

The owner's manual will tell you which oil belongs in your vehicle, if there is one. In case you need to determine yourself which oil fits your vehicle, our oil finder will help you. We have covered the topic so broadly that you can certainly select the right and suitable oil for your vehicle.

Our most popular engine oils at a glance

Duckhams Engine oil
Classic Q 10W-40
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Content: 5 l (£9.71 / 1 l)

Product number: 535295
Castrol Engine oil
Classic XL20W-50
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Variants from £19.20
Product number: 329066

Engine oils at SC Parts

You as an oil buyer and user make the adjustment to your vehicle according to your main use. For motorbikes, pay attention to the relevant factors of cooling capacity and, if applicable, a clutch in an oil bath. Opels and Volkswagens of the 1970s would like a 15W-40, old Bentleys prefer a 20W-50. If you cannot pick out the right oil from this variety, we recommend using our oil finder.