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After initial difficulties due to its origins, the charming classic still gained acceptance among Jaguar enthusiasts. Anyone who has decided to add the agile and quite undemanding X-Type to their garage, you will find Jaguar X-Type spare parts here.

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Just a Ford Mondeo de Luxe? Probably not.

The Jaguar X-Type is certainly a break with style: designed as the first model of the actual luxury brand for the middle class, it is equipped with the same floor assembly as the Ford Mondeo.

Nevertheless, it is a Jaguar. According to the manufacturer, the X-Type comes up trumps with typical Jaguar features such as safety equipment, driving dynamics and the characteristic front and rear design.

In addition, all parts were developed specifically for Jaguar and even the engines, which were structurally adapted for use in the X-Type, went through a Jaguar-specific certification process. At the same time, in order to remain true to the Jaguar drivetrain, the front-wheel drive normally used by Ford was replaced by a rear-heavy all-wheel drive. Later versions, especially those with diesel engines, were then also delivered as pure front-wheel drive cars.

Varied, more varied, X-Type

After the introduction of the diesel and the Estate as estate variants (2004), the X-Type can distinguish itself as one of the most varied Jaguar models. The Estate is built with three different engine alternatives (different V six-cylinder petrol or in-line four-cylinder diesel) and three equipment variants: Classic, Sport and Executive.

As a sporty offshoot, Jaguar launched the X-TYPE Le Mans, which was intended to recall the brand's tradition of seven overall victories at Le Mans.

The last facelift took place in 2007. The diesel engine was upgraded and could now not only be combined with an automatic transmission, but was also particularly environmentally friendly thanks to a particle filter.

An interior to be proud of

The interior is impressive from the first glance: precious wood runs along the entire side of the dashboard, giving the X-Type a noble touch of British class. Comfortable seats and an easy-to-use touchscreen round off the ambience.

In addition to that, the classic delivers a few extras such as a premium sound system or automatic air conditioning. The speedometer scale uncharacteristically starts at 10 km/h and gives the X-Type a special charm.

With its attributes, the Jaguar X-Type is exclusive and an enthusiast's vehicle that also corners well on wet roads, but with its 350,000 units it is not a rarity. The title of successor - although not a direct successor - was taken by the XE as a mid-range car from mid-2015.

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A particular advantage of the sporty vehicle: the X-Type is never expensive - neither to purchase or to buy any Jaguar X-Type spare parts. So anyone who has chosen to be an X-Type owner is covered: Not only is the X-Type unusually low-maintenance for professionals, it is also economical.