Vintage radio Bluetooth retrofit - this is how it's done

You used to have a good CD or cassette inserted in the vintage car while you cozy about Country roads roared. Nowadays, however, quite a few motorists would have also like the latest Spotify playlist in the sound repertoire of the noble vehicle. This wish can be fulfilled quite easily.

First, there are a variety of Ways to retrofit the vintage radio with Bluetooth, for On the other hand, there is one for almost all classic vehicles suitable solution with a visually appealing radio in the decor of the time, but with modern technology. AUX, DAB+ and Co. are natural also there. We'll show you how!

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Renew vintage radio: 5 reasons Updating your vintage car radio to new technology

Most classic vehicles are equipped with simple radios from the 60s to 80s, mounted in 1-Din slots or in shafts for axle radios are. However, if your vehicle is equipped with a genuine Becker radio, a Blaupunkt with tube amplifier or an individual one Solution equipped with turntable under the seat should you leave the authentic original radio in the vehicle and help yourself with additional devices.

Is your vehicle equipped with a equipped with a standard radio, you should see if you have a suitable, contemporary look finds a modern radio that has the functionality you want. The main reason for one Conversion is of course obvious: The new oldtimer radio looks authentically and allows you, your Listen to your favorite songs in a modern way. What a modern radio with a classic look can do will hardly surprise you:

  1. Perfect FM reception: The Medium wave is no longer up-to-date in our latitudes. A FM reception, often even with RDS, can then be heard more easily leave.

  1. Stereo output:All retro radios offered by SC Parts offerStereo sound, of course also when using the original onesSpeaker.

  1. Handsfree:Who's not on an important callpull over will have the luxury of a hands-free systemgreet. A microphone does not necessarily have to be installed– this is often already in the radio front.

  1. Connectorby Bluetooth for MP3:Cassettes and CDs have of course her own charm. But you still want the latest playlist not to be missed on every journey. And for every new song a new CD burning can be time consuming. The vintage radio with Bluetooth is a one-time small additional effort, but it is worth it.

  1. Power amplifiers up to 4x45 watts: To get back to the Sound quality to come back: The output power of the original Radios are felt by many to be inadequate. With a conversion to a modern amplifier, power amplifiers up to 4x45 watts can be used without any problems and integrated inconspicuously into the interior.

  2. Classic Decor in combination with many types of installation. Whether axis devices with variable axis spacing, standard axis devices or devices for the 1-din installation slot, SC Parts has all variants in stock available.

Oldtimer radio: Bluetooth, AUX and more retrofit

You want your young and oldtimer Retrofit the radio with Bluetooth, if possible also with AUX, MP3 Etc.? That's not a problem: to your car radio with modern technology you can easily purchase suitable accessories and install it as inconspicuously as possible. bid for this Consider the following options:

Retrofit vintage radio: NF connector

At the plugs and sockets a distinction is made between low-frequency (LF) and high-frequency (HF) power. HF refers to VHF antennas, for example for the radio, AF on connections for audio signals – that is Loudspeakers and connections for USB, Bluetooth and Co. If your If the radio has an AF input, there is also a corresponding one AUX toggle button.

NF DIN sockets or RCA outputs are ideal for connecting your external source (e.g. mobile phone for Spotify). The audio signal is transmitted via this brought out. If the plug is removed and replaced by an adapter replaced, you can connect external sources.

Attention: NF adapter are rare and therefore not always easy to obtain.

Retrofit vintage radio with Bluetooth: FM transmitter

To Bluetooth in vintage radio To be able to retrofit, an FM transmitter is helpful. FM transmitters pick up the signals from your smartphone via Bluetooth and transmit them as a small radio station via radio in one small radius. Functional devices are often starting at around €20 available and mostly have connections for USB, AUX or even SD card slots.

The FM transmitter is connected often via the 12V socket, commonly known as the cigarette lighter. Around To avoid noise and interference, choose one Frequency that is underused where you are. Lots For this reason, devices have the entire VHF Frequency range (i.e. 87.5–108.0 MHz).

Note: It There are even FM transmitters with built-in speakerphones for Your phone. The disadvantage of FM transmitters, however, is theirs uncertain legal situation. Most commercially available devices are not accepted by the Federal Network Agency and have one strong transmission power. Pay attention to the correct one when buying Decrease, otherwise you'll run a pirate radio station with everyone legal consequences. Please note the partly different regulations in Austria and Switzerland.

Expand vintage radio: DAB+

A digital radio tuner in the Favorite classic is of course practical. Still come for Many young and oldtimer owners do not consider modern car radios. That's why you can switch to DAB+ adapters that are similar to FM transmitters work. .

Mounting the is a bit more complex DAB+ antenna, which must be installed in the windscreen and must have ground contact. Whether you face this effort you have to know.

Tip: Take a look in our department store at Radios past! Here you will find a variety of suitable radios for classic vehicles, often even with different bezels are available, so that the visual appearance of the original radio preserved.

Retrofit vintage radio: external amplifier

Straight Blaupunkt radios from the 60s or 70s have a decent FM reception in Stereo. Unfortunately, these are quite tame in terms of output power and don't exactly tear off your stool. That means straight Lovers of rock or heavy metal tend not to get their money's worth come. This can be done with a discreetly hidden external amplifier however, be helped quickly. Offer depending on the car model apply for the following places:

  • trunk

  • under the dashboard

  • under the passenger seat

The amplifier is controlled via the speaker outputs or the AF output of the vintage radios. The speakers can be found in either already existing installation positions or in the footwell under the parcel shelf Space.

Oldtimer radio: retrofit Bluetooth radio and install accessories

Install the oldtimer radio yourself, is really easy. Everything you need to assemble a modern You will find radios with a classic look at SC Parts Vintage department store: antennas, loudspeakers, spherical boxes from the 1970s or mounting boxes with which a 1-din device can be placed under the dashboard can be hidden.

And there's a lot more Accessories to help you assemble your mobile system:

  • Antenna splitter or DAB+ windshield antenna

  • USB connector with AUX

  • Microphone

With the antenna splitter it is possible, the original antenna of your favorite classic also for to use DAB+. For example, a USB port can be im glove compartment can be installed discreetly. If you're in your classic car want to retrofit radio AUX, then it is best to choose one USB adapter with combined AUX connection, so you can also use others easily connect external sources.

A hands-free car kit in the classic set up, you should hide the microphone well. Better however, is the assembly of a radio where the microphone is already in the radio front is installed invisibly.

Let an expert take care of your vintage radio rebuild

If you have Bluetooth in your vintage car retrofit, you don't necessarily have to do it yourself. There are various providers who specialize in Equip young and vintage radios with new technology and at the same time but still keep the stylish retro look.

Alternatively you can use a buy a complete radio in a classic design and this one yourself install. In most cases, the recordings are the connections and the slide-in slots standardized. It is important that you look at the Pay attention to the polarity of the body. All radios have negative ground, they can only be installed in isolation in older English vehicles (incl. antenna).

Curious about classic car radios?

Watch our Classic Retro Radio Unboxing and a detailed guide to operation and functions on our Youtube channel!

Conclusion: retrofit vintage radio and Bluetooth is stylistically compatible

Whether modern technology in your favorite classic is a no-go for you or not: Der Connecting external sources is a must-have for many drivers. Luckily, it's not rocket science to take the car with you to equip it with a suitable end device, so that the stylish appearance is not detracted from.

For those who love vintage radio not only want to retrofit Bluetooth, but a modern radio want to install, there are enough designs for various models, that fit seamlessly into the classic look.