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Wood dashboard

MG Wood dashboard
walnut - identification: original plastic dashboard fitted, with glove box and square oil pressure gauge

MG MGB exports to USA, Canada, Germany and Sweden from August 1971 to June 1976 (Roadster from GHN5-258001 to GHN5-409401, GT from GHD5-258004 to GHD5-406357), MGB exports to Switzerland and Benelux from September 1974 to Juni 1976 (Roadster from GHN5-360301 to GHN5-409401, GT from GHD5-361001 to GHD5-406357)

These veneer kits are designed to fit neatly over the existing dashboard. Damaged dashboards can be easily replaced with one of our high quality panels. They are only 2 mm thick and they still allow the bezels to protrude, giving your dashboard a factory fit look.