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Wind deflector

222.6 GBP
MG Wind deflector
one-piece foldable steel frame with special mesh fabric and hemmed with high quality black vinyl. Quick and easy fitting without drilling

MG MGB Roadster (1962-80) • MGC Roadster (1967-69)

Now is your chance to extend the open-top driving season: With our wind deflector you eliminate turbulance in the interior of your car while noticably reducing neck and ear discomfort. Choose a high quality product, precision crafted in Europe - our specially woven material guarantees the utmost stability and a long service life over a wide temperature range (-30 to +90 degrees Celsius).
Main features of our wind deflectors:
* perfect tailored fit for your make and model
* allows for conversation at normal sound level and improves accoustics for your ICE and hands-free kit
* simple to install
* the roof can be opened and closed with the deflector in place