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Wheel package

Wire wheel
chromed, 5.0J x 15" with 72 spokes. Tyre: 185/70HR15 Vredestein Sprint Classic

MG TD and TF (1950-55) • MGA (1955-62) • MGC (1967-69) • Magnette ZA and ZB (1953-59)

Jaguar Daimler Dart SP250 (1959-64)

Austin Healey BN1 to BJ8 (1953-68)

other manufacturers Reliant Scimitar GT SE4 • AC Greyhound

TVR Griffith 200 (1963-64) • Vixen (1967-73)

Morgan Plus 4 (1950-69) • 4/4 1600 (1968-85)

To balance wire wheels properly you need experience and knowhow. To make things safe and simple for you we now offer a complete wheel and tyre assembly. These wheel and tyre sets are electronically balanced and inflated to the correct air pressure. We only supply Dunlop MWS wire wheels supplied as original equipment for many 1950 & 1960 period classic cars.