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Loctite Retaining compound

86.97 GBP
640™ - high strength anaerobic adhesive
Loctite 640™ is a high temperature anaerobic adhesive that secures slip and press fit assemblies.
A single component high temperature anaerobic resin used for bonding rigid assemblies of all types. It can also be used effectively to increase the strength of most mechanical assemblies. Curing occurs when adhesive is confined between mating metal surfaces. The cured adhesive is a thermoset plastic suitable for exposure to most solvents.
Applications: Retains keys and splines. Retains bearings in place, preventing spin-out. Retains rotors to shafts in fractional and sub-fractional horsepower motors. Retains bushings and sleeves in housings and on shafts. Augments press fits. Restores the fit to worn assemblies or out of tolerance parts.
Technical data:
• maximum diametrical clearance: 0.1 mm
• holding power: 22 N/mm²
• temperature range: - 55°C to + 175°C
• fixure time on steel: 120 minutes.
Filling Quantity 50 ml