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Engines, engine oil circulation, and rocker covers

Exchange engines • Oil coolers • Oil cooler fittig kits • Oil stats • Oil filters • Alloy rocker covers
  • Composite cylinder head gaskets
  • Alloy rocker cover Chromed and painted rocker covers
  • High-temperature resistant rocker cover gaskets
  • High tech gaskets for Jaguar
  • Oil coolers Our oil coolers are designed to provide the means by which oils of varying viscosities may be cooled by a flow of air at ambient temperature. Any vehicle using higher rpm than envisaged by the manufacturer needs an oil cooler. The oil cooling requirement of an engine increases threefold for every 1000 rpm increase. Oil, when heated, starts to lose film strength, i.e. the ability to keep metallic surfaces from touching, when the film strength is insufficient to withstand the load, seizure and bearing failure take place.
  • Oil cooler kits
  • Oil stats and filer adaptors
  • Air duct for oil cooler
  • FilterMag - oil filter magnets FilterMAG's powerfull rare-earth magnets trap and hold wear-inducing metal particles smaller than 40 microns down to 1 micron that the filter cannot stop. It extends oil life and reduces maintenance costs. Easy fitting while magnetic force "snaps" FilterMAG to the filter canister. FilterMAG has a lifetime warranty.
  • Aluminium flywheels Our aluminium flywheels are made of the highest quality 6061 T6 aluminium. The material is fantastic for strength, heat dissipation and of course reduction in weight. The friction surface we use is an incredibly strong 1045 steel. The plates are milled to meet our high specifications. The flywheel can mate with any type of clutch material, including organic, kevlar, ceramic, metallic and sintered iron. We attach the replaceable friction surface with military grade aerospace fasteners. With these replaceable plates there is no need to replace the entire flywheel when the clutch or flywheel is at the end of its life, saving time and money. The ring gears we use are also made from 1050 steel and are heat treated for durability. The gears are heated then pressed on and secured with grade 8 button screws. We were the first to utilize a stepped dowel system in most of our flywheel applications. This doweling method ensures that once the pressure plate is installed the dowels cannot be removed because they become locked into place. No steel flywheel can compete with the awesome serviceability, strength and superior design of our aluminium flywheels. If there was a better material out there, we would be using it.
  • Oil separators