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Car hoist lift

462 GBP
lift up to 1500 kg - the gearbox works with a winding handle or alternativ with electric drill
This car hoist lift will jack your car you can then tilt the car forward or backwards leaving you a massive clearance at the front and rear. It works off an electric drill and comes complete with a winding handle so it can be used anywhere even if you have no access to a power point. This lift is great for the home mechanic when repairing front wheel drives, suspensions and clutches, it leaves the area totally free from the lift. When locked off level, all 4 wheels can be removed so all work on the brakes can be carried out.
Tech. data: size: 1285 x 1530 mm, min height of 150 mm needed, max height when level 585 mm, width adjustment between the two platforms is 1185 mm (smalest width inner)to 1550 mm (widest width outer), total weight: 58 kg