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Classic Mini 20W-50

other manufacturers Austin, BMC and Leyland vehicles such as: Wolseley Hornet, Wolseley 1000, Riley Elf, Morris Mascot, Morris 850, Austin Seven, Austin Partner, Austin 850, Morris 1000S, 1300 Nomad, 1100, 1100S, 1500, 1500 Nomad, 850 Van, Austin 1800 Mk 1 & MK 2, X6, Tasman / Kimberley

Mini All models (1959-2000)

Peugeot 204 Petrol and Diesel (1965-76) • 304 Petrol and Diesel (1969-80) • 104 (1972-88) • 205 with 1.0 to 1.4 litre Douvrin type engine (1972-88)

NSU Prinz 1, 2 and 3 (1958-62) • Prinz 4, 4S and 4L (1961-73)

Mineral based classic engine oil for transverse engines. Specially developed additive system incorporated in mineral base fluids. Use as received as an engine/gearbox oil in vehicles which have a combined engine/gearbox sump such as the Classic Mini. Formulated for the discerning owner who demands the best protection for his engine.
• Classic Mini 20W-50 has been developed to provide the ultimate lubricant for vehicles which employ a common oil for both engine and gearbox lubrication
• The combined engine/transmission layout places extra demands upon the oil in terms of extreme pressure requirements for gear protection along with ball, roller and needle bearings incorporated into the gearbox
• This oil has been developed using 'real world' experience of running transverse 'box in sump' vehicles and provides E.P. protection levels which are much higher than conventional engine oils
• The Classic Mini oil has been show to prevent centre main bearing distress in tuned vehicles reducing expensive re-build costs
• Uses latest lubricant technology to engineer a premium mineral multigrade for high performance 'Mini' derivatives.
Oil Name Classic Mini
Viscosity 20W-50
Base Oil mineral
Specifications • API-SF
Scope multigrade
Filling Quantity 5 l