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Motorrad-Straßenrennsport - 1946-1950

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Motorrad-Straßenrennsport - 1946-1950
Deutscher Straßenrennsport nach der Stunde Null. Written by: Reinald Schumann, 520 pages with any illustrations, size: 264 x 210 mm, binding: hardcover, language: German
A comprehensive history of the German post-war motorsport has never been written before. It took more than ten years to finish this project. Thanks to Reinald Schumann's enormous collection of contemporary photographs, the assistance of race drivers, newspapers and miscellaneous archives, Motorcycle-Road-Race allows us a very close look at the early days of the German racing-scene right after the end of World War II. This book is the first of four volumes dedicated to the German post-war motorsport on two, three or four wheels. It is not limited to events in West Germany (later the Federal Republic) but also covers the Soviet zone of occupation (later the German Democratic Republic) and deals with technical and organisational details like design and devolopment of race cars and bikes or the revival of racing associations and alliances.
A multitude of pictures (most of them never published before) offers an impressive insight into the partly dramatical events on early race tracks.
Author Reinhard Klein
Pages 520
Format 210 mm x 264 mm