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Veltrim wall lining carpet

burgundy. Smooth velour material for intrerior trim with approx. 500 gms./sq.m. weight and 2 metres width
Veltrim is a smooth vehicle lining carpet specially made to be used in the interior trim of all vehicles of all types. Is flexible in all four directions. It has been constructed so that it allows the sub-strata to breath and can be easily stretched around corners and into those most awkward places without loosing its wearability. Veltrim is also thin enough to be placed under most vehicle trims like rubber window seals. It has been developed to be used in industrial coachbuilding.
The Veltrim material is ideal to add todays comfort features into the classic car: Linings of wheel arches in the boot, side sills, windshield frame and other unclad sheet metal parts. It is used for lining of cardboard parts, trunk boards, parcel shelves, among others.
Filling Quantity 125 m