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Valve Spring Tester

The VST-60G Valve Spring Tester from Goodson is the valve spring tester you've been waiting for. It features:
* 600 pound capacity in 10 pound increments
* 5" diameter Ashcroft quality analog pressure gauge reads in both SAE and Metric
* Integral vertical height scale that moves 180° right to left to show inches on one side and millimeters on the other
* Spring platform that handles springs up to 2" diameter x 4.5" overall height
* Vertical height adjustment in 1/2" increments
* Adjustable pressing anvil for fine-tuning open and closed pressures for height measurement
* T-Handle conforms to the operator's grip for firm control
* Heavy duty powder coated texture finish
* Sealed hydraulic load cell
* Over-center cam action that holds spring at the desired height
* Rubber protective boot to keep the mechanism debris-free

* UNIT WEIGHT: 19-1/2 lbs.
* FOOTPRINT: 8-1/2" Square Base
* HEIGHT: 28" Overall Height with handle fully extended
* Base features 4 5/16" mounting holes