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Timing cover

509.35 GBP

Land Rover Defender 3.9 and 4.2 V8: from engine nos 35D-8928B, 36D-25155B, 37D-02090B, 38D-21977238B and 40D-09582B

Range Rover V8 - from engine no. 36D- 25155 and from engine no. 40D-09582

The timing cover fitted to the Series 2 Range Rover is of an updated design, unsuitable for earlier models due to the fact that there is no provision for a distributor.
There is, however, an 'intermediate' timing cover, fitted to late 3.9 and 4.2 models immediately prior to the introduction of the Series 2 Range Rover, which includes a combination of features from both types, such as the crank-driven oil pump and conventional distributor. Although this timing cover will fit earlier models, it can be considered as unsuitable, as the oil pump drive requires a 'long-nose' crank, not fitted to earlier engines.