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Penrite Synthetic engine oil

Synthetic engine oil
Premium 5, SAE 5W-50
Premium 5 is a premium 100% PAO & Ester full synthetic SAE 5W-50, non friction modified, modern engine oil. It utilises premium synthetic base oil with a FULL ZINC+ (exceeding 1800+ ppm levels) additive pack for the ultimate in engine protection and performance.
Premium 5 is for use in high performance modern engines for both on road and in competition applications. It is suitable for use in modern 4, 6 & 8+ cylinder, multi cam, multi-valve including VVT, naturally aspirated, supercharged & turbocharged engines, including light duty diesel engines.
Premium 5 is suitable for normal on road use in a wide range of vehicles. It can be used where SAE 5W/40 grade engine oils are specified. It may also be used in light duty petrol and diesel engines up to 2008 where ACEA A3/B4 is specified.
Premium 5 is suitable for use in four stroke motorcycles with wet clutches.
Fuel types:
Premium 5 can be used with Petrol, LPG, E10, E85 (Racing & Competition only), Diesel (without DPF), Avgas, Nitro, Methanol & other conventional fuels.
Specifications and apovals:
• ACEA A3/B3.
Filling Quantity 5 l