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Penrite Synthetic engine oil

Synthetic engine oil
Enviro+ SAE 10W-50
Full synthetic oil has been developed for special needs and application areas where purely mineral oil is insufficient. Synthetic oils have better and more specialised additives to improve lubrication performance.. It has a better performance at low and high temperatures. A better purity for reduced engine wear, reduced oil consumption and lower fuel consumption. Oil change must be performed less frequently. Syn-thetic oils are ideal for extreme conditions, as recommended, for example, motor sports.
Enviro+ 10W-50 - a mid-SAPS oil for most European, Japanese, US and Korean petrol and diesel engines specifying API SL/CF or ACEA C2/C3 oils. Also for vehicles that are using excessive oil. Viscosity grade may not suit all vehicles and it is not recommended where A1/B1 and A5/B5 are specified. Neither product is recommended for use in motorcycles.
• Extends exhaust catalyst life in petrol vehicles
• Long drain intervals
• Maximises DPF life and engine performance
• Emissions system friendly
Specifications and approvals:
• ACEA C2/C3
• BMW LL-04
• VW 505.01 (2005 update)
• MB 229.31
• VW 502.00/505.00.
Filling Quantity 20 l