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Stub axle

front suspension

Jaguar XJ6: Series II Saloon from 2T19365, 2T64825, 2S8460 and 2S50394 - Series II Vanden Plas from 3C1498 and 3C50003 - Series II Coupe from 2J2647, 2J53010, 2H1989 and 2H50062 - Series II 3.4 from 3A4151, 3A51111, 3B2570 and 3B50005 - all Series III (November 1976 to Mai 1987) • XJ12: Series II Saloon from 2R4403, 2R57152, 2K2498 and 2K50139 - Series II Vanden Plas from 2P2032 and 2P50208 - Series II Coupe from 2G1376, 2G51151, 2F1195 and 2F50025 (November 1976 to November 1992) • XJS from 2W53170 (LHD) and 2W2574 (RHD) to VIN...226645 (1976-96)