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Steering pump

493.47 GBP
Steering pump
less pulley. Identify by imperial threads and press on type pulley - reconditioned.
This item is sold on an exchange basis so a core unit surcharge will apply

Jaguar E-Type 5.3 V12 Series 3 (1971-74) • XJ6 Series I and II to April 1972: all Jaguar 4.2 short wheel base Saloons, Jaguar 4.2 long wheel base Saloons to 2T61741 (LHD) and 2T17041 (RHD), Jaguar 4.2 Coupe to 2J52527 (LHD) and 2J2205 (RHD), all Jaguar 2.8, Jaguar 3.4 to 3A50828 (LHD) and 3A3340 (RHD), all Daimler 4.2 short wheel base Saloons, Daimler 4.2 long wheel base Saloons to 2S50257 (LHD) and 2S7291 (RHD), Daimler 4.2 Coupe to 2H50044 (LHD) and 2H1646 (RHD), Daimler 3.4 to 3B50002 (LHD) and 3B2211 (RHD), Vanden Plas to 3C50003 (LHD) and 3C1332 (RHD) • XJ12 Series I plus Series II to 1976: Jaguar Saloon to 2R4059 and 2R56234, Daimler Saloon to 2K2306 and 2K50126, Vanden Plas to 2P1977 and 2P50171, Jaguar Coupe to 2G1234 and 2G50977, Daimler Coupe to 2F1139 and 2F50021