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Champion Spark plug

Jaguar Spark plug

Jaguar X300 (XJ) 4.0 except Supercharged from VIN...720125 to 812255 • X300 (XJ) 4.0 Supercharged from VIN...787954 to 812255 • XJS 4.0 with emission type 'A' from VIN...179737 to 226645

When you're choosing a spark plug, only one thing really matters. Will it perform like the original? Now, there's only one range to choose. Champion OE. One range of advanced spark plugs, each and every one guaranteed to be identical or equivalent to the spark plugs fitted from new.
• Equal efficiency
• Equal emissions
• Equal lifespan
• Equal performance.
So now, your choice of spark plugs is easy. It's Champion OE.
Champion is a world leader in developing spark plug technology for car manufacturers. That's why it is guaranteed that every single spark plug in the new Champion OE range is tested and proven as original equivalent.