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Sound deadening mats

'Dynamat Xtreme'. Pack contains nine sheets of 24" x 48" (72 sqft)
Dynamat Xtreme with VECTOR™ Chemistry is a patented elastomeric sound deadener. Xtreme has a 0.060” thick layer of butyl and 0.004” thick aluminum face. Xtreme has the highest efficiency sound deadening properties available.
Dynamat Xtreme - a highly efficient, composite material designed to reduce noise, vibration and heat soak through panel work. It is made from butyl rubber with an aluminium foil layer and a self adhesive backing. The vibration and noise damping qualities make your car feel solid and create a luxury car feel; doors close with a reassuring clunk and no tinny rattles. Road noise is also reduced so cruising is a more relaxed experience.
Recommended usage: Use on interior panel work. Ideal for floor pans, bulkheads, inner wings, inside roof panels and hard tops, doors, bonnet and boot lid. A minimum coverage of 30% panel area, centrally positioned, is recommended to reduce panel vibration and noise.