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Shrinking tube

2.19 GBP
Shrinking tube
'Duoflux' clear - 0.2 to 0.7 sq. mm
DUOFLUX consists of a heat-shrinkable polymeric sleeve containing two solder rings with an incorporated flux and two thermoplastic sealing rings. DUOFLUX has been developed especially for making electrical connections, which require high quality, reliability, long life span and water tightness. DUOFLUX is very easy to install, the quality of the connection can be visually checked and it requires no special tools. DUOFLUX comes in four sizes, coded by the international colour code system, and suitable for the most frequent cable diameters. DUOFLUX can be applied on both twisted (flexible) and solid (rigid) conductors, suitable for copper as well as tinned wires, whether combined or not.