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Bilstein Shock absorber

167.23 GBP
Shock absorber

Jaguar XJ6 Series I, II and III (1968-87) • XJ12 Series I, II and III (1972-92) • XJS 5.3 V12 except 'Sportspack' to VIN...188104 (1975-93) plus 6.0 V12 except 'Sportspack' from VIN...188105 to 192350 (1992-94) plus 4.0 except 'Sportspack' from VIN...179737 to 192350 (1991-94)

Tougher shock absorbers allow better axle articulation. Significant improvement compared to standard equipment. Even if it gets tough, the performance of the Bilstein shock absorbers does not diminish. Other advantages of this damper system are: no foaming, no fading and no loss of the damping.