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Sealing ring

Sealing ring
exhaust - identify by 44 mm inner diameter

MG MGB Roadster: USA und Canada models from GHN5-368082 (December 1974)

Jaguar XJ6 Series II from 1976 on plus all Series III (1979-87): Jaguar 4.2 Saloon from VIN...2T60620 (LHD) and from 2T16481 (RHD), Jaguar 4.2 Coupe from VIN...2J52435 to 2J53896 (LHD) and from 2J2114 to 2J3604 (RHD), Jaguar 3.4 from VIN...3A50794 (LHD) and from 3A3184 (RHD), Daimler 4.2 Saloon from VIN...2S50257 (LHD) and from 2S7068 (RHD), Daimler 4.2 Coupe from VIN...2H50036 (LHD) and from 2H1636 (RHD), Daimler 3.4 from VIN...3B50002 (LHD) and from 3B2130 (RHD), Vanden Plas 4.2 from VIN...3C50003 (LHD) and from 3C1297 (RHD) • XJ12 Series II from 1976 and all Series III (1979-92): Jaguar Saloon without catalytic converter from 2R4383 and 2R57099, Daimler Saloon without catalytic converter from 2K2488 and 2K50139, Daimler Vanden Plas without catalytic converter from 2P2027 and 2P50206, Jaguar Coupe without catalytic converter from 2G1376 and 2G51132, Daimler Coupe without catalytic converter from 2F1197 and 2F50025, Jaguar Saloon with catalytic converter from 2R53945, Jaguar with catalytic converter Coupe from 2G50001

Sprite / Midget Midget 1500 from GAN6-154101 (1974-79)

Land Rover Defender 4-cylinder Diesel to VIN...CA (1983-86) plus all 4-cylinder Petrol (1983-94) and V8 Petrol (1971-93)