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Hylomar Sealing compound

17 GBP
Aerograde Ultra - non-setting jointing compound
Hylomar Aerograde Ultra is a highly engineered, polyester -urethane based non-setting and non-hardening gasketing compound, for use in the aeronautical industry. Hylomar Aerograde Ultra was developed in response to requests from Rolls Royce -Aerospace Division for a chlorinated solvent free version of Hylomar Aerograde. Aerograde Ultra can operate at temperatures between –50°C and up to + 250°C.
Typical applications include coating of pre-formed gaskets, water and oil pumps, cylinder heads and sumps, inlet manifolds, timing case covers, gear box and transmission components, thread sealing or for use on finely machined surfaces.
Filling Quantity 75 ml