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Elring Sealing compound

10 GBP
Sealing compound
Dirko grey
Dirko grey, the permanently elastic, temperature-resistant, universal sealing compound. This extremely versatile, high-strength sealing compound seals surfaces, gaps and cracks reliably, even where there is movement. Dirko’s viscosity and absolutely permanent elasticity rapidly stop leakage of oil, water and air. Even structural parts with hairline cracks are made functional again within minutes.Dirko is resistant to ozone, sunlight, extreme weather conditions, hot and cold water, seawater, greases, mineral oils (also with additives), aliphatic hydrocarbons, detergents and numerous chemicals.These advantages make Dirko equally suitable for use on its own, as a sealant applied from the exterior between surfaces without disassembly, or in combination with flat gaskets.
Filling Quantity 70 ml