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Seal kit brake master cylinder

including valve

Jaguar Mk10 4.2 (1964-66) • XJ6 Series I (1968-73) • XJ6 Series II to November 1973: 2.8 to 2U50001 - 4.2 short wheel base models to 2M1658, 2M50015, 2N3479 and 2N51654 - 4.2 long wheel base models to 2S1088, 2S50001, 2T1525 and 2T50001 • XJ12 Series I (1972-73) • XJ12 Series II to November 1973: Jaguar Saloon to 2R50210 (LHD) and 2R1477 (RHD), Daimler Saloon to 2K50005 (LHD) and 2K1078 (RHD), Vanden Plas to 2P50001 (LHD) and 2P1151 (RHD)