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Seal kit brake caliper

14.72 GBP
Seal kit brake caliper
front - for one brake caliper

Austin Healey: BJ8 from 26705 (1964-68)

MG: MGC (1967-69)

Jaguar: Daimler Dart SP250 (1959-64)

Lotus: Elan Plus 2 to 1856 (1967-69)

Triumph: TR3B TCF series plus TR4 with wire wheels from CT4690, TR4 with disc wheels from CT4388 (1962-65) • TR4A (1965-67) • TR5 and TR250 (1967-68) • TR6 to April 1973: Carburettor models to CC81078, P.I. models to CP76094 • GT6 Mk1 plus early Mk2 to KC56077 (1966-69)