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Rubber mats

Acoustic moulded matting system for floor and tunnel. Color: Grey

Land Rover Series II, IIA and III except V8, Lightweight or 6 Cylinder (1958-85) • Defender mit LT77 Getriebe

A real front mat system as a kit. Already fitted to most military Land Rovers and used in extreme environments, this kit has proved itself to be very usefull for every Land Rover. The legal requirement of working spaces, regarding noise and temperature will be easily met. Supplied as a 3 piece kit with the floor and tunnel in one piece with the seat box totally covered and the bulk head centre. The system is approved yby the Ministry of Defense and Land Rover
• Extremly durable and easy to clean
• Heat absorbing, reduces temperature inside the car
• Water repelling
• Acustically active rubber material underneath, so noise suppressioning