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Rocker cover

Jaguar Rocker cover
polished aluminium - set of two. 'D' Type variant with breather for cars fitted with electric tachometer. Features: Recess on LH exhaust cover: 29 mm, recess on RH inlet cover: 46 mm

Jaguar D-Type (1954-57) • XK150 from engine no. 820043, 832088, 824905, 836233, 827373 and 838272 • E-Type 3.8 and 4.2 Series 1 (1961-68) • E-Type 4.2 Series 2 to October 1968: OTS and FHC models to engine no. 7R1914 and 2+2 models to 7R35387 • Mark II (1959-67) • S-Type: 3.4 from engine no. 7B1001 to 7B3940 plus 3.8 from engine no. 7B50001 to 7B56328 • Mk9 from engine no. NC3909 to NC9999 and from engine no. NE1001 • Mk10 3.8 and 4.2 (1961-66)

The XKE engine is not only exceptionally powerful and fascinating engineered engine, it is also drop dead beautiful. Sir William Lyons prefered things looking good. Matching we got new rocker cover from heavy duty material, good casting, ground and beautifully finished.