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Repair kit

Repair kit
for vinyl and leather interior trim and seats. This kit contains basic colours that can be mixed to match.
Kit Contents:
* 1 color mixing tin
* 1 piece of cotton fabric
* 1 plastic spatula
* 1 tin leather adhesive
* 1 heat transfer stamp
* 1 piece of leather (for practice)
* 1 leather texture paper set (with different surface structures)
* 7 tins of leather - repair pastes (black, white, blue, red, yellow, green, brown)
This DIY Smart Repair Leather Repair Set repairs holes (eg, cigarette burns), cracks, abrasions and similar damages to leather surfaces, synthetic leather or vinyl. The repair compound is flexible even after drying and resilient as leather or synthetic leather and can be mixed together using the enclosed color mixing chart to customize to the color of the surface to be repaired. The surface structure to be repaired should be matched by using the included texture paper.