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Receiver drier

Jaguar Receiver drier
air condition - identification: conical connection

Jaguar XJ12 Series II. XJ6 Series II with twin fans - 4.2 Saloon from chassis no. 2T19383 to 2T22972, from 2T64741 to 2T68823, from 2S8428 to 2S10116 and from 2S50389 to 2S50581 - 4.2 USA and Canada exports to chassis no. 2T69450 - Vanden Plas from chassis no. 3C1501 to 3C1698 and from 3C50007 to 3C50011 - 3.4 from chassis no. 3A4094 to 3A5115, from 3A51097 to 3A51460, from 3B2584 to 3B3226 and 3B50004 - Coupe to chassis no. 2J2661, 2J53005, 2H2000 and 2H50062