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Sonax PremiumClass Machine Polish

PremiumClass Machine Polish
silicone free high gloss polish for machine polishing nearly new to slightly scratched paintwork, contents: 250 ml PremiumClass Machine Polish with high-quality microfibre cloth for a perfect finish
SONAX PremiumClass CarnaubaCare: The Feeling is Premium
With SONAX PremiumClass CarnaubaCare, the Neuburg car care specialist is redefining the upper echelon of paint work care products. For car enthusiasts and lovers of special cars, the SONAX team has developed a particularly innovative formula, which has a wax constituent consisting of 100% pure, unadulterated "grade one" carnauba wax. Experts will treasure the qualities of the natural product and will put nothing else on the paint work of their cars: carnauba wax is pure “wellness” for cars. It is the hardest wax of natural origin and could have been created especially for the care of paint work thanks to its special molecular structure. The product is designed for the waxing of thoroughly clean paint work that is “as new” and is supplied in a set with the necessary equipment: included are a fine sponge for application and a high-quality SONAX microfibre cloth for a perfect finish.
SONAX has used its 50 years experience in developing high-quality paint work care products for the design of the new premium product: Through its very high proportion of carnauba wax, SONAX PremiumClass CarnaubaCare bestows an optimal level of resistance to aggressive environmental factors and a perceptible “premium feeling” through waxing.
100 % Flawless deep Shine and long-lasting Protection for Paint work
Using SONAX PremiumClass CarnaubaCare prevents the protective cover of cars from ageing prematurely due to humidity, salt, corrosion and other "paint work eaters". The treated paint work will be extremely smooth and will defy even tiresome attacks by stubborn causes of pollution such as bird excrement, tree sap and insects. A lesson learned from nature itself: Waxing offers maximal UV protection and prevents premature fading.

Wellness for Cars
The carnauba wax contained in the product is taken exclusively from the young leaves of the Brazilian Carnauba palm (“Copernicia cerifera”) and is specially prepared for use in paint care products. For optimal effectiveness and easy use, SONAX developers have refined the recipe further through the highest quality care oils. This complex mix of the finest care substances gives the product a pleasant, creamy consistency and allows an optimum use. A genuine care experience is made available to the car owner through this formula: with a radiant deep shine and brilliant colour, cars show off their best side after the treatment.

Step by Step gleaming Care
After a thorough clean, preferably with lots of water, shampoo and a sponge, the car should be dried so that it is residue-free with a car care towel or the SONAX FlexiBlade. As Step 2, to attain the full protective and shining effect of SONAX PremiumClass CarnaubaCare, a previous deep clean with a wax remover is recommended. The paint work can be optimally prepared with the new SONAX PremiumClass PaintCleaner (available from March 2008.) The paint work will thereby be thoroughly cleaned, degreased and made especially receptive for the wax application, and the durability of the wax layer is strongly improved. The third step is to apply the wax evenly and thinly with the application sponge provided in the set. After a short drying period the product can be polished to an outstanding shine using the SONAX microfibre cloth provided.
Filling Quantity 250 l