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Luster Lace Polishing strips

Polishing strips
'narrow'. Content: 14 strips 1/2" wide
Luster Lace polish strips are designed to work on all round and tubular metal surfaces. The polish is in the cloth of the strips, no other utilities are needed to get the perfect finish. Luster Lace is fast and easy to use with 360° polishing power that can´t be bettered. So now you can save up to 70% of your work time. Luster Lace comes in three convenient sizes (narrow, medium, wide) for the care of parts of all sizes.
• Luster Lace Narrow - for wire wheels and filigree parts
• Luster Lace Medium - for headlamp rims, tubular manifolds etc.
• Luster Lace Wide - for large diameters like silencers
• Luster Lace Combo - complete assortment, for all parts