A1 ® Paint polish Speed Polish

14 GBP
Paint Polish
with special application sponge
Brilliant deep gloss – with next to no effort!
A1 Speed Polish sees to it that fine scratches, dulled patches and grey haze in the paint caused by environmental influences disappear.
With A1 Speed Polish, you get the best gloss results and colour intensity on all types and conditions of paints (coloured, nitro or metallic paint). The polishing nanoparticles create a high-gloss surface with the easiest of application, and bring back the original deep shine.
A1 Speed Polish can be worked in using the supplied sponge with next to no effort. It leaves no streaks or clouding behind. A1 Speed Polish is suitable for use with polishing machines, so even carwash scratches can be eliminated without trouble. Also suitable for nano or scratchproof paints.
Filling Quantity 250 ml