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Meguiar's Paint care Quik clay detailing system

28.57 GBP
Quik clay detailing system
Every day, vehicle paint finishes are bombarded with a wide variety of airborne contaminants. Here are just a few of those that can cause the surface to become dull and rough: tree sap mist; paint overspray; industrial fallout; hard water deposits; diesel fuel exhausts; rubber particles from other cars; insect droppings; Bug splatter and much more! The Meguiar's Quik Clay Detailing System safely and quickly removes all these contaminants and restores crystal clear reflections and slickness. The Quik Clay system includes a specially formulated non-abrasive clay bar that safely lifts off the contaminants as the surface is lubricated with Quik Detailer. Instantly, paint is restored to a shiny, smooth as glass finish and is ready for wax protection to be added. Without this technology, many car owners would have been left with only more expensive alternatives to restore their investment.
Filling Quantity 473 ml