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Original Morris Minor

Original Morris Minor
The Restorer's Guide to all Saloon, Tourer/Convertible, Traveller and Light Commercial Models. Written by Ray Newell, 128 pages with 250 coloured illustrations, size: 295 x 225 mm, binding: hardcover, language: English
This is a re-issue of a very successful book, first published in 1993, and still very much in demand.
More than 35 years after production ceased, the Morris Minor's popularity remains as strong as ever. Practical, robust and individualistic, this evergreen classic continues to weave its charm on thousands of owners, either as economical everyday runabout or as cherished classic. Most saloons of similar age have long since been laid to rest in automotive graveyards, but Minors survive in remarkable numbers to testify to the model's commonsense design and exceptional durability.
Original Morris Minor is the essential companion to these delightful cars. Its aim is to reveal, in words and colour photographs, how the many versions of the Minor, from early 'low-headlamp' 918cc saloon to late 1098cc traveller, altered in detail through the course of production. Untrained eyes may only spot whether or not a Morris Minor has a split windscreen, but an amazing number of specification changes, large and small, occurred over the years.
The completely authentic specification which the most discerning enthusiasts now demand can be elusive because so many Minors have been altered over the years, often by impecunious owners trying simply to keep ageing cars on the road for minimum cost. But help is at hand in Original Morris Minor for all owners, restorers and enthusiasts who want a bible on originality. Drawing from factory production records, parts lists and catalogues, as well as the accumulated knowledge of respected restorers and dedicated enthusiasts, this book provides the most exhaustive production survey of the Morris Minor ever published.
Accompanying the authoritative text are over 250 specially commissioned colour photographs showing every permutation of Morris Minor specification in remarkable detail. Painstaking selection of cars of the highest quality and authenticity ensures that the photographs in this book provide a valuable reference source. All models are covered: each of the four series (with 918cc, 803cc, 948cc and 1098cc engines) has its own chapter, the various body styles (two/four door saloon, tourer/convertible and traveller) are illustrated in fine detail, and even the light commercial van and pick-up variants have their own section.
The definitive guide to one of Britain's best-loved classic cars, Original Morris Minor is indispensible for all owners, restorers, buyers and enthusiasts.
Author Ray Newell
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