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Oil sump

for BW8 automatic transmission. Uprated aluminium version

Jaguar XJ6 4.2 Series I to December 1969 (to engine no. 7L8163 except 7L7925, 7L7970 and 7L7971)

We are often asked to supply sumps for BW8 and BW12 gearboxes, because the original pressed steel sumps tend to corrode with age and go out of shape where they seal onto the gearbox casing. Now we have manufactured aluminium sumps for BW8 and BW12 automatic transmissions.
These aluminium sumps come in a kit form and include the aluminium sump, a sump gasket, 14 cap screws and washers to secure the sump to the gearbox, a sump drain plug, an "L" shaped key to tighten the 14 cap screws and an "L" shaped key to tighten the sump drain plug.

The advantages of our aluminium sump when compared with the original pressed steel sump are as follows:
• It has a drain plug, making oil and filter changes easier
• It dissipates heat more efficiently
• It does not go rusty
• It has a machined surface where it seals onto the gearbox, which eliminates annoying oil leaks