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Trabold Oil filter

Oil filter
The Trabold fine filter reduces your oil and fuel consumption, you will notice a smoother engine idle and feel a better performance.
The oil change frequencies can be extended and the engine has the maximum protection.
The German made Trabold Filter is patented and approved by the TÜV, the filtration system has been known for over 40 years.
It additionally functions as an external oil cooler with its massive Aluminium housing and the extra cooling fins and the oil volume is also raised.
The radial and axial filtration of the oil provides a reliable capture of particles down to 1/10 micron and even Water is extracted. The result is the best engine protection you can get and the engine life is increased. Trabold costumers mention an engine life above 500000 km.
The Filter can be mounted anywhere, installation is easy. For optimum performance it should be positioned within the air flow, but the original look of your car remains untouched.