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Penrite Multi purpose oil

Multi purpose oil
15W-40 (STOU) Universal Farm Oil based on mineral base oils
Penrite Universal Farm Oil is a premium mineral Super Tractor Universal Oil (STOU) manufactured from highly refined base oils and advanced multi-functional additives. It is designed for use in 4 stroke naturally aspirated & turbo charged diesel and petrol engines, transmissions, front & rear axles, differentials, wet brakes, hydraulics, Power Take Off (PTO) clutches and some final drives of farm tractors and construction equipment.
Penrite Universal Farm Oil can be used where 15W-40, 20W-40 and 15W-30 grade oils are specified or where SAE 80W or SAE 90 grade gear oils are specified.
Oil Name Universal Farm Oil
Viscosity 15W-40
Base Oil mineral
Specifications • API CG-4/SF
• MB 227.1
• MAN 271
• MIL-L-2104D
• M/Ferguson MF 1141
• MF 1139/1144
• Ford M2C159-B/C
• John Deere JDM J27
• ZF TE-ML 06/07
• Ford M2C86-A
• New Holland 82009201/2/3
• API GL-4
• Allison C-4, C-3
• Caterpillar T0-2
• Ford M2C134-C
• Ford M2C159-C
• John Deere JD20 A/C.
Scope multigrade
Filling Quantity 20 l