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Brunox® Multi purpose oil

Multi purpose oil
Brunox® Turbo-Spray®, the only multi-function-spray with the additive TUROBLINE which guarantees a high capillary effect and the best coverage. Brunox® Turbo-Spray® is sprayed on to metal surfaces, displaces water and provides protection against humidity and aggressive environmental influences such as acid atmospheres, chimney gas-steams etc.. By applying Brunox® Turbo-Spray® an invisible, compact 1 - 2 my thick non-hardening anti-corrosive film is formed, providing reliable protection. Brunox® Turbo-Spray® can be removed without difficulty with cleaning materials (tensides).
for maintenance, cleaning, repair works, production, storage and transportation of machines, precision tools, semi-finished and finished products, vehicles, plants and electrical instruments of all kinds.
Filling Quantity 400 ml