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Plasti Dip® Liquid Electric Tape

14.67 GBP
Liquid Electric Tape
with brush, colour: red
Liquid Tape is a brush-on rubber insulation for construction timber and electrical parts. Due to its unique properties even hard to reach areas are easy to insulate. Liquid Tape protects against electrical voltage to 1380v/mil, acids, alkalis, moisture, salts, abrasion resistant and provides a permanent seal. Liquid Tape has (non-conducting) the strongest dielectric protection compared to other products on the market: 1,380 v / mil, 5-7 mils per layer. The coating - based on rubber - in contrast to other products made from vinyl is not hard, it needs no solvent and will not become brittle or fragile even under extreme loads and severe weather. Liquid Tape is temperature resistant from -34° C to +93° C.
Filling Quantity 118 ml