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33.84 GBP
side light and front indicator - clear flat glass lens, retained by chrome ring - type: L488

Triumph: TR2, TR3 to TS17340 (1953-57)

Aston Martin: DB2 (1950-53) • DB2/4 (1953-57)

Austin Healey: BN1 and BN2 (1953-56)

Morris: Minor Series III 2 door Saloon from 925555 to 1039563, 4 door Saloon from 925448 to 1039563, Convertible from 947088 to 1039563, Traveller, Van and Pick-up from 925679 to 1039563 (1961-63)

Rover: P4 (1949-64)

Side lamp and front indicator
Parking light and front turn signal. Clear, flat glass lens, held with flanged chrome ring - Type: L488. Rubber housing with cable glands on the rear. Suitable for splash water areas.