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Ignition lead set

Jaguar Ignition lead set
with silicone reactive core for Lucas 22D6, 25D6 and 45DE6 distributor with top entry cap. Identify by push fit ignition leads

Jaguar XJ6 4.2 S3

Premium cables for high performance lead sets
The core consists of a fibreglass base coated with a ferromagnetic compound and tightly wound with a stainless steel resistance wire under a coat of conductive lacquer. The design ensures maximum spark quality with minimum voltage loss while maintaining excellent Electro Magnetic Pulse suppression.

• Resistance: 5.6kOhms per metre (nom) as standard
• Reinforcement: glass fibre braid over insulation
• Temerature rating: -40 to +220ºC
• Test voltage: 8.0mm dia silicone - 35.0 - 40.0 kV RMS BDV (typically)
• Specification: fully approved to ISO3808:2002(R) Class E Type 4