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Ignition lead set

Triumph Ignition lead set
with silicone reactive core for Lucas 22D6 and 25D6 distributor with top entry cap

Triumph TR5/250, TR6 (1967-76) • GT6 (1966-73)

Premium cables for high performance lead sets
The core consists of a fibreglass base coated with a ferromagnetic compound and tightly wound with a stainless steel resistance wire under a coat of conductive lacquer. The design ensures maximum spark quality with minimum voltage loss while maintaining excellent Electro Magnetic Pulse suppression.

• Resistance: 5.6kOhms per metre (nom) as standard
• Reinforcement: glass fibre braid over insulation
• Temerature rating: -40 to +220ºC
• Test voltage: 8.0mm dia silicone - 35.0 - 40.0 kV RMS BDV (typically)
• Specification: fully approved to ISO3808:2002(R) Class E Type 4