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Kompressol Hydraulic oil

DT 60 - mineral oil based fluid for hydraulic level controls, hydropneumatic suspension systems and power steering and braking aids
Kompressol DT 60 is a high performance special hydraulic fluid with outstanding low temperature behaviour made from mineral base oils; specially designed for use in Citroen and Peugeot vehicles.
Advantages and benefits:
• excellent viscosity / temperature behaviour and high shear stability
• sensitive response at very low temperatures
• outstanding ageing and oxidation stability due to carefully selected mineral base oils
• best anti-wear-properties even under continuous stress for reliable operation and maximum lifetime
• reduced foaming tendency
• prevents reliably from corrosion, wear and deposits
• good sealing compatibility
• miscible and compatible with other branded central hydraulic fluids of same specification. To make use of the full performance benefit of DT 60 a complete oil change is recommended
Please note: Kompressol DT 60 must not be mixed with any glycol or silicon based fluids (e.g. brake fluids DOT3/4/5.1 or DOT 5) or synthetic based fluids.
Oil Name DT
Viscosity -
Base Oil mineral
Specifications • LHM
• LHM Plus
• DIN 51524 Teil 3
• ISO 7308
• FIAT 9.55597
• IVECO 18-1823
• NH 610 A
• PSA B71 2710
• SDFG OF1611S
Scope mildly alloyed
Filling Quantity 1 l