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Heater matrix

Jaguar Heater matrix
improved aluminium spec. made with 'tube and fin' technology

Jaguar E-Type Series 1and 2 (1961-70)

Original heater matrixes were produced using an obsolete “expanded tube” design. They performed poorly as there was little contact between the thin fins and the water tubes. This matrix is made with “tube and fin” technology, where several layers of folded aluminum fin are sandwiched between wide, flat tubes and then topped with header tanks. The entire assembly is oven brazed so that a much greater surface area of fins is welded to the tubes, resulting in far higher efficiency. Oven brazing involves dipping the loosely assembled core in a brazing liquid and then passing the core through a special ammonia-infused oven, which causes the brazing fluid to flow and melt into all the cracks and crevices and solidify.