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Penrite Gearbox oil

Pro Gear 75W-85
Penrite Pro Gear 75W-85 is a synthetic gearbox oil with the relatively low viscosity grade 75W-85. It meets the requirements of API GL-4. As doing so, it is highly efficient, thermally stable and designed for very long servicing intervals. This oil is preferably used in vehicles with manual gearboxes that require smoother gearshift in cold condition.
Pro Gear is suitable for use in Transaxle units, differential gears and final drives.
Oil Name Pro Gear
Viscosity 75W-85
Base Oil synthetic
Specifications • API GL-4 Plus
• GM 12346190
• MB 235.4
• Chrysler MS 9224
• ZF TE-ML 01/02/08
• BTR 5M-42
• MAN 341.
Scope multigrade
Filling Quantity 2.5 l