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Wera Gear wrench set

Gear wrench set
model Joker®. 4 piece imperial set, contents: 7/16", 1/2", 9/16" and 3/4" AF - supplied with tool roll
Does it all. Better.
Everything that a wrench has to be able to do. And a whole lot more. Faster, better, stylish. Yes, a real Joker. The new generation of combination ratchet wrenches.
• unique holding function, thanks to the metal plate in the jaw
• reduces the risk of dropping nuts and bolts
• replaceable metal plate in the jaw secures nuts and bolts with its extra hard teeth and reduces the danger of slipping
• integrated limit stop prevents any slipping around the bolt head and allows higher torque to be applied
• double-hex geometry makes for a positive connection with nuts or bolts and reduces the risk of slipping; return angle of only 30° at the open end to avoid time consuming flipping of the wrench during fastening jobs
• ratchet mechanism at the ring end, with an exceptional, fine-tooth mechanism - 80 teeth in all - enables flexibility in very confined working spaces
• specially forged geometry for high torque transfer and strength
• high performance chrome molybdenum steel
• nickel-chrome coating for high corrosion protection.