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Flushing oil

24 GBP
Flushing oil
A blend of low viscosity napthenic mineral oil which itself possesses inherently good solvency properties for engine deposits and products of combustion and oxidation, powerful dispersant additives which during the flushing process will assist in the removal of carbonaceous deposits, and help disperse and dissolve sludge built up during a service period. These additives also serve to Neutralize corrosive acids formed during the combustion process which still may be present in the crankcase and the sump residues. Anti-wear additives for extra protection during the flushing process. This flushing oil is ideal for use in petrol and diesel engines and will also find use in other applications such as Hydraulic and circulatory systems and certain gearboxes.
Method of use:
Drain oil from sump while warm, if engine is at normal operating temperature allow to cool to a reasonable handling temperature before draining. Replace drain plug. Fill to normal level with flushing oil. Run engine for 10 minutes. Drain and remove oil filter. Fit new oil filter and replenish with new engine oil.
Filling Quantity 4.5 l